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Emotional sobriety helps prevent setbacks, aids long-term recovery, and improves our general well-being. Physical sobriety is the actual not drinking/not using/not acting out that we practice every day in recovery. It is mandatory (especially for the biological dimension of addiction), but not sufficient for full emotional sobriety (which is more about dealing with the psychological and social dimensions). Abstinence Violation an overview Hip Sobriety blogger and author of Quit Like a Woman Holly Whittaker freely talks about her radical choice to stop drinking in a world obsessed with alcohol. She also founded the Hip Sobriety School, which has recently changed its name to The Tempest. The school offers weekly videos and coaching sessions and can be the perfect complement to the 12-Step program or therapies you are currently part of.

Chronicling the journey from “liquid courage to sober courage,” this blog includes real-life stories about alcohol use disorder, relapse, and the journey of recovery. Readers will also find resources for getting sober and finding support online. This one-of-a-kind community was created for people living a sober life.

Blogging is a different kind of animal.

Post categories include family, recipes, travel, and health.6. Barbara Theodosiou at The Addict’s Mom started with a vision of mothers “sharing without shame” about their children’s struggles with addiction. Today, the online community has over 70,000 members supporting one another.7. Sandy Swenson’s blog is “the place where love and addiction meet.” Sandy is an author who writes about her experience of healing her life as a mother of a son struggling with addiction. These bloggers offer their unique perspectives on the struggles and triumphs of living a sober lifestyle and provide valuable resources and inspiration for others who are on the same journey.

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A bit more rebellious than other sobriety groups, they’re unabashedly honest, introspective, persistent, brave and compassionate. They believe sobriety is the greatest adventure you’ll ever go embark on and we’re here to support you the whole way through. Next up, The Bloggess, who claims to be like Mother Teresa only better.

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The Temper explores life through the lens of sobriety, addiction, and recovery. The Temper exists to show people in all of their power and as agents of their own recovery. Authoring and owning a new, very real narrative that positions sobriety as a viable, radical, and empowering lifestyle. Simon’s blog is packed full of resources that can be helpful to anyone in recovery.

In her blog, she documents her thoughts throughout each month of her early recovery journey. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of our top addiction bloggers in no particular order who are dispelling myths, sharing resources, and getting real about addiction. She says, “I don’t have the answers for you, but I do have some pretty good questions – ones I’ve had to answer for myself. My work is about sharing what I learn along the way.” Those insights cover the topics of life, motherhood, her road to sobriety from alcohol, and figuring out who she is. Also, many of the blogs are based on dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT.

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DBT is a form of therapy that teaches people how to respond to stressful situations. Therefore, this inevitably leads to how they manage their addiction. It’s no secret that navigating the ups and downs of addiction recovery can be an incredibly lonely journey. Recovery brings along with it many moments of triumph, and also many moments of pain. And because of our proximity, I’ve had the privilege of becoming his friend in real life.

  • Additionally, it’s an honest and transparent look at addiction and recovery through the eyes of a diverse collective of people.
  • A sense of hope and empowerment is critical to staying in recovery.
  • Additionally, it offers great resources, stories, and information for the loved ones of those struggling with gambling addiction.
  • In addition to regular blog posts, the blog also frequently features debates, scientific studies, and newsworthy stories about addiction.
  • Those who have a loved one who has suffered from addiction know that addiction can be just as trying on the family members as it is on the addict.
  • Recovery Speakers offers a wide range of resources for people recovering from addiction in any of its forms, including alcohol.

Go to the “Meetings” tab at to find an in-person or online meeting to attend. Community and support are important pillars of the recovery process and go a long way to sustaining long-term recovery. Recovery blogs are a great way to learn more about the sobriety journey and expand your community support.

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When you’re struggling with addiction, it’s all too easy to feel as though you are alone in the fight. It’s tempting to think that everyone else has no problems with drugs and alcohol, that you’re the only one who can’t seem to draw the line. We really love the work of the following top addiction bloggers and encourage you to check them out. This is a blog about sobriety designed for women of color who are sober or looking toward sobriety. It is written by Shari Hampton, a Black woman who makes it clear that while the blog is not exclusively for Blacks, it is definitely inclusive of Blacks. You’ll find honest content about the sobriety journey, as well as discussions of food, music, and wellness practices such as yoga and meditation.

recovery bloggers

The blog is created by men, and provides original, relatable, and inspiring content for other men in recovery. Read on to discover where to go to read positive, inspiring, motivational, and funny addiction recovery blogs. UnPickledIf you’d like to learn about someone’s very personal journey with sobriety, we suggest checking out the blog UnPickled. This blog was started by a woman named Jean on her very first day of sobriety.Jean has a unique story with addiction, in that she drank in private and learned to quit in private. Looking to get getting even better than well from addiction? The program emphasizes building motivation and self-empowerment skills, employing strategies to control urges, managing thoughts at the root of addictive behaviors and living a healthy, balanced life.

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She introduces the reader to a variety of holistic tools that helped her in her own recovery. Included are rituals and processes such as meditation, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, dancing, anger-release techniques, EFT, mantras, and relationship-building tools. Her approach to addiction treatment is empowering, holistic, fluid, and unique. She is a fresh and diverse voice that advocates for a different conversation on addiction.

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