Required Filing Form 990 Series Internal Revenue Service

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what is a form 990

However, failing the 85% Member Income Test in one year doesn’t cause permanent loss of tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(12). So long as the organization’s member income percentage is equal to or greater than 85% in any subsequent tax year, the organization may file Form 990 or 990-EZ for that year, even if Form 1120 was filed in a prior year. Statement of Revenue, line 12, Total Revenue, derived from the general public for use of the organization’s facilities, that is, from persons other than members or their spouses, dependents, or guests. The organization must answer “Yes” if it liquidated, terminated, dissolved, ceased operations, or engaged in a significant disposition of net assets during the year. See the instructions for Schedule N (Form 990) for definitions and explanations of these terms and transactions or events, and a description of articles of dissolution and other information that must be filed with Form 990.

A return, report, notice, or exemption application can be inspected at an IRS office free of charge. Copies of these items can also be obtained through the organization as discussed in the following Top 5 Best Software for Law Firm Accounting and Bookkeeping section. The anti-abuse rule, found in section 501(c)(15)(C), explains how gross receipts (including premiums) from all members of a controlled group are aggregated in figuring the above tests.

Types of 990 Forms for Nonprofits

For purposes of Form 990, Part III, summarize the mission and activities of all of the subordinate organizations as if all of the subordinate organizations were one entity. The requester has the option of requesting from the central or parent organization, at its principal office, inspection or copies of group returns filed by the central or parent organization. The central or parent organization must fulfill the requests in the time and manner specified in Special Rules Relating to Public Inspection and Special Rules Quicken for Nonprofits: Personal Finance Software Relating to Copies, earlier. Where a tax-exempt organization doesn’t require prepayment and a requester doesn’t enclose payment with a request, an organization must receive consent from a requester before providing copies for which the fee charged for copying and postage exceeds $20. To figure whether an organization has to file Form 990-EZ (or Form 990), apply the $50,000 (or $5,000) gross receipts test (below) using the following definition of gross receipts and information in Figuring Gross Receipts below.

  • See General Instructions, Section I. Group Return, earlier, and Appendix E. Group Returns—Reporting Information on Behalf of the Group, for more information.
  • Filing a 990 form can be an overwhelming and confusing process, especially if it’s your first time.
  • Separate contributions of less than $250 aren’t subject to the requirements of section 170(f)(8), whether or not the sum of the contributions made by a taxpayer to a donee organization during a tax year equals $250 or more.
  • Getting an organization tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code is very difficult.
  • Some members of the public rely on Form 990, or 990-EZ, as the primary or sole source of information about a particular organization.
  • Examples are scholarship loans and low-interest loans to charitable organizations, indigents, or victims of a disaster.

The amount reported in Part X, line 15, column (B), must equal the total of Schedule D, Part IX, column (b). Report on this line the total book value of all assets held and not reported on lines 1 through 14. If the amount reported on this line is 5% or more of the amount reported on Part X, line 16, answer “Yes” on Part IV, line 11c, and complete Part VIII of Schedule D (Form 990). The amount reported in Part X, line 13, column (B), must equal the total of Schedule D (Form 990), Part VIII, column (b). If an amount is reported on this line that is 5% or more of the amount reported on Part X, line 16, answer “Yes” on Part IV, line 11b, and complete Schedule D (Form 990), Part VII.


K is an officer of the organization, and L is on its board of directors. L is a greater-than-35% partner of a law firm that charged $60,000 during the organization’s tax year for legal services provided to K that were worth $600,000 at the law firm’s ordinary rates. However, the relationship between K and L isn’t a reportable business relationship because of the privileged relationship of attorney and client. The governing body is the group of one or more persons authorized under state law to make governance decisions on behalf of the organization and its shareholders or members, if applicable.

what is a form 990

538, Accounting Periods and Methods, and the instructions for Forms 1128 and 3115, about reporting changes to accounting periods and methods. Foreign organizations and U.S. possession organizations as well as domestic organizations must file Form 990 or 990-EZ unless specifically excepted under Section B, later. Report amounts in U.S. dollars and state what conversion rate the organization uses. Combine amounts from inside and outside the United States and report the total for each item.

Form 990

Joanne Fritz is the expert on nonprofit organizations and philanthropy for The Balance. Requests made in person must be fulfilled immediately, or within 30 days for a written request, with no charge other than a reasonable fee to cover photocopying and mailing expenses. This database is available by subscription or for free at our Candid partner locations. Eligible nonprofits with revenue or expenses under $1M can also gain a free year of access to Foundation Directory Essential through our Go for the Gold! If you’re overwhelmed and need more time to file your return, you have the option to file an extension using Form 8868.

  • Answer “Yes” on line 17 if the total amount reported for professional fundraising services in Part IX (line 11e, plus the portion of the line 6 amount attributable to professional fundraising services) exceeds $15,000.
  • Also, use certain of these returns to report amounts that were received as a nominee on behalf of another person.
  • Filing tax forms on your own is absolutely possible, but many nonprofits find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  • The following tests use a special definition of gross receipts for purposes of determining whether these organizations are exempt for a particular tax year.
  • An obligation issued by or on behalf of a governmental issuer on which the interest paid is excluded from the holder’s gross income under section 103.
  • X gives instructions to staff for the radiology work X conducts, but X doesn’t supervise other U employees, manage the radiology department, or have or share authority to control or determine 10% or more of U’s capital expenditures, operating budget, or employee compensation.

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